Becoming a wizard, witch or necromancer is a lifetime goal and should not be taken lightly. To become a wizard you first must understand what the word "wizard" means to you, and how your new role will affect your studies and practice of magic. This website will give you the tools you need to begin your journey by providing books, free articles, free eBooks, magical items for sales, blogs and more. Our site will serve as a portal for those who are serious and devoted to becoming a real life wizard, witch, necromancer or druid.


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How To become A Wizard?


To be a wizard you must have a passion for the subject of magic and the occult. One has to be ready to adopt new concepts that may appear "unnatural" to some people. Your Mana will not be developed if you do not believe in your abilities to sustain it, so an open mind is very important.


If you are looking for an easy fix, this is probably not the website for you... however, if you’re 100% serious in your ventures, and dedicated to becoming a full time wizard, witch or necromancer, then we can help you achieve those goals.


How Do I Begin?


The first stage in becoming a wizard, witch or necromancer is to think like one, and in order for you to think like a wizard you must first understand the mentality behind magic, how to practice it and how to gain access to the divine, an undertaking only few can accomplish, but with enough work, will be yours to master.


To think like a wizard, witch or necromancer - we recommend you read our book The Guide To Becoming A Real Wizard, Witch Or Necromancer, sold both online and offline. Once you understand the basic methods to accomplishing magical enlightenment and generating Mana, you will be ready to start your quest.


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